Music Performance Tours
Music Performance Tours | GrandTours, Inc.

GrandTours develops exceptional custom international concert tours to destinations worldwide. Each tour program features a comprehensive sightseeing program and concert performance itinerary suited to your ensemble's musical genre, size and ability level. Historic cathedrals, concert halls, town halls, museums, schools, local festivals and outdoor civic venues are all possibilities for promoted concert performances.

Once a destination is selected, GrandTours will ask for a portfolio of the ensemble's representative musical work to include a recordings, biographical information, and recent photographs. These materials are then delivered to our worldwide partners for use in selecting and reserving appropriate concert venues. The entire process is collaborative and concert venues are finalized as quickly as possible once we have these materials.

Samples of some of our recent custom international concert tours:

  • Germany & Austria: Rothenburg, Innsbruck and Salzburg
  • France and Spain: Provence and Barcelona
  • Italy: Rome, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast
  • Italy: Cinque Terre, Florence and the Italian Lakes
  • Spain: Madrid and Barcelona
  • Spain: Madrid, Granada, Malaga, Seville
  • Poland and Hungary: Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest
  • Greece: Athens, Delphi, Marathon, Peloponnese
  • Turkey: Istanbul, Canakkale, Kusadasi and Ephesus
  • China: Beijing and Shanghai
The above tour samples are for 8-10 day itineraries. These destinations can be customized for any season of travel or length of tour program to your needs. Estimated pricing for any of the above programs, originating from your home city, is available upon request by contacting GrandTours.